“Patients that have had Invisalign wish they had done it sooner.”

Dr. Lisa Brownfoot

We wanted to share a story with you about a patient who came to see her who was really unhappy with her smile.

She had been quite unhappy with her smile for quite some time, however she ended up having children and life got in the way so she just hadn’t done anything about it.

The problem with this is that she had quite crowded teeth which meant she was more likely to get food stuck between the teeth, and actually developed decay between those teeth.

After discussing all of her options, we decided to proceed with Invisalign.

Invisalign is basically a series of clear aligners, and each aligner is slightly different so over time the teeth progressively straighten.

The treatment took about 12 months and our patient could not be happier with her smile. You can see for yourself the change below:

Not only this, but because her teeth were straighter she was able to clean them a lot more easily and we were able to restore those areas of brown decay, making her teeth look a lot better as well.

Now the lessons that came from this were that if you do treat areas of crowding earlier, it is a lot easier to brush between the teeth, and not only this but patients that have had Invisalign wish they had done it sooner.

So if you have ever thought about changing your smile, give us a call on
03 9818 2994 and we can discuss all of your options.