Dental Fillings In Hawthorn

Say goodbye to cavities and hello to a healthier smile at Gentle Dental Hawthorn!

Tooth fillings are a common procedure to repair broken or decayed teeth, ensuring you can smile and eat with confidence. We offer a variety of options, with most fillings being tooth-colored to match your natural appearance and strength. In some cases, we may use Amalgam (silver) fillings. 

Our dental fillings are designed to restore the normal function and integrity of your teeth. Importantly, we don’t use amalgam fillings; we opt for safer and more modern alternatives. Trust the best dentist in Hawthorn at Gentle Dental for expert care.

Your oral health matters to us, and we’re committed to giving you the best care possible.

Benefits of Dental Fillings at Gentle Dental Hawthorn

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, dental fillings are a cornerstone service we offer to mend your teeth and renew your smile. Below, we’re excited to share the numerous benefits you’ll experience when you choose us for your dental filling needs.
  1. Long-lasting Solutions : At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we use only the best and most durable materials to make sure your fillings stand the test of time.

  2. Safe and Biocompatible : We take your health seriously. That’s why we’ve chosen not to use amalgam fillings, avoiding any potential risks associated with them.
  1. Strength Over Volume : If a tooth becomes more than 60% filled, we recommend a stronger, more durable solution like a crown or onlay to ensure long-term oral health.

  2. Comprehensive Dental Philosophy : We believe in comprehensive dental care. If a tooth is more than 60% filled, we recommend stronger solutions like crowns or onlays to ensure optimal dental health.
Choosing Gentle Dental Hawthorn for your dental fillings is a step towards achieving optimal dental health and peace of mind. Take the initiative to protect your smile today by benefiting from our top-tier dental services.

Why Choose Gentle Dental Hawthorn for Dental Fillings

Choosing the right dental clinic for your dental fillings can feel overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be daunting. Here are compelling reasons why you should consider making Gentle Dental Hawthorn your go-to clinic.
Our array of benefits—from expert staff and advanced technology to our ethical approach and patient comfort—make us an unbeatable choice for your dental fillings. Secure your oral health by booking an appointment with us now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Dental Fillings

Gentle Dental Hawthorn uses premium, amalgam-free materials for their dental fillings: composite and ceramic. These materials are safe and durable and closely match the appearance of natural teeth. This provides a seamless and aesthetic finish that helps to ensure the patient’s oral health.

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we understand that tooth decay can be a major problem. That’s why our dental professionals provide comprehensive dental services and solutions. Our commitment to quality dental care and our dental practice’s experienced team of professionals ensures that patients receive the highest quality dental procedure.

Generally speaking, Gentle Dental Hawthorn’s dental fillings can last many years with proper care and regular dental checkups. Restorative dentistry is a crucial part of dentistry services that focuses on restoring the natural shape and form of the teeth. At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we offer only the highest quality and aesthetic fillings made from the best filling materials available.

Here are the four key points that will help ensure the longevity of your dental fillings:

  1. Regular dental check-ups: Seeing your regular dentist for regular check-ups is the best way to ensure that your dental fillings are in good condition.
  2. Oral hygiene practices: Practicing good oral hygiene is essential to keeping your dental fillings in good shape.
  3. Avoid consuming hard or sticky foods: Avoiding hard or sticky foods can help prevent damage to your dental fillings.
  4. Seek professional help when needed: If you experience any pain or discomfort, you should see your dentist as soon as possible.

Although traditional fillings are available, Gentle Dental Hawthorn also offers a variety of alternatives for when a tooth is more than 60% filled, such as crowns and onlays.

Crowns are a type of dental restoration that completely covers the damaged tooth, while onlays are partial coverings that fit over the damaged area. Both options provide superior strength and durability compared to amalgam or composite resin fillings.

For additional protection, Gentle Dental Hawthorn also offers porcelain veneers with thin, tooth-coloured shells placed over the damaged tooth to restore its natural appearance.

Regular checkup visits and avoiding cold foods are essential to maintain the longevity of these dental fillings or implants. At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we strive to provide the highest quality of dental care, including tooth whitening and fillings, to ensure long-term oral health and functionality.

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we prioritise patient comfort through advanced techniques, sedation options, and a calming environment. Our extensive experience and friendly dental team ensure a safe, comfortable experience for all, and our personalised treatment plans are tailored to meet individual needs.

We offer a variety of dental treatments, from cosmetic dentistry and dental cleanings to repairing damaged teeth and restoring natural teeth. Our gentle approach to oral hygiene and patient relationships helps to create a positive and relaxed atmosphere.

Our goal is to provide the best experience possible for our patients with personalised treatment plans and a commitment to providing comfort.

Following a dental filling at Gentle Dental Hawthorn, patients can expect slight sensitivity or discomfort, which usually subsides within a few days.

Our dentistry team is dedicated to providing a comfortable and long-lasting, radiant smile that lasts with the help of the latest technology and treatments. With a caring and experienced team, Gentle Dental Hawthorn ensures a pleasant dental experience.

Our team can address any questions or issues post-procedure to ensure a successful dental filling.

Gentle Dental Hawthorn takes a comprehensive approach to dentistry.

This approach involves removing tooth structure and restoring the entire tooth to a durable and load-bearing state. The team offers a variety of dental filling options to ensure healthy teeth and long-lasting fillings.

To maintain them, patients are encouraged to attend regular dental appointments and follow the aftercare instructions given. Furthermore, Gentle Dental Hawthorn emphasises the importance of good hygiene and adhering to the prescribed oral care routine.

By doing so, patients can maximise the life of their fillings.

Safety First with Amalgam-Free Fillings

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we use top-of-the-range, biocompatible materials for our dental fillings, ensuring they are effective, durable, long-lasting, and natural-looking.