Full Mouth Rehabilitation In Hawthorn

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we understand the intricate balance of aesthetics and functionality regarding your smile.

Full mouth rehabilitation is about restoring teeth and reviving your confidence, bite, and overall oral health. For those who’ve experienced decay, trauma, or bite issues, we tailor comprehensive treatments designed around your unique needs.

It’s a transformative journey, and we’re here to guide you every step of the way.

Benefits of Full Mouth Rehabilitation at Gentle Dental Hawthorn

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, you’re not just getting a service – you’re embracing a host of benefits curated for your complete dental well-being. Let’s explore what sets us apart in the realm of full mouth rehabilitation.

  1. Personalised Treatment : Recognising that everyone’s bite position and jaw joint differ, our full mouth rehabilitation is rooted in detailed planning by taking an accurate scanand bite records.

  2. Diagnostic Wax Up : This allows us to visualise and recreate your new bite and smile, ensuring you can evaluate the aesthetic and functional outcome before the final restorations.
  1. Comprehensive Examination : Our extensive examination covers not just the teeth but the soft tissues and bites as we can identify all underlying issues and ensure they are addressed in the rehabilitation process.

  2. Diverse Treatment Options : From thorough teeth cleaning and realigning teeth to using advanced materials, we offer a range of procedures to enhance both function and appearance.

Experience the Gentle Dental Hawthorn difference. For a smile that speaks volumes and a dental journey tailored to your unique needs, delve deeper into our holistic benefits. Let’s redefine dental wellness together. Book your consultation today!

Why Choose Gentle Dental Hawthorn for Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Finding a clinic that genuinely understands your individual needs can be challenging. At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we’re not just about restoring teeth – building trust and creating smiles that last a lifetime.
Experience the fusion of top-notch dental care and compassion at Gentle Dental Hawthorn. Let’s embark on this journey to rediscover your vibrant smile together.

Frequently Asked Questions About Full Mouth Rehabilitation

The full mouth rehabilitation process at Gentle Dental Hawthorn starts with a comprehensive examination by evaluating the patient’s teeth, gums, and bites. Our experienced dentists consider any decay, trauma, or misalignment present while detailed impressions and records of the bite are taken to create a tailored treatment plan.

Our dental professionals are dedicated to providing excellent oral health care and a high-quality full mouth rehabilitation experience.

The full mouth rehabilitation process at Gentle Dental Hawthorn can take a few weeks to several months, depending on the individual patient’s treatment plan. Our friendly dentists use a wide range of dental treatments to help restore natural teeth, including dental crowns, cosmetic dentistry, and more.

We also work to protect adjacent teeth from bone loss. For patients needing a long-lasting tooth replacement solution, our dentists can provideimplant treatment, which involves placing a titanium tooth root into the jawbone to provide a secure and natural-looking smile. Implant dentistry procedures can often be completed in one or two visits.

Our team is dedicated to providing a comprehensive, high-quality, and comfortable full mouth rehabilitation experience.

Patients’ comfort is our top priority, and we strive to make the rehabilitation process as painless as possible. At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we use local anaesthetics and sedation options in order to minimise discomfort. We also provide clear instructions for care after the procedure to ensure a comfortable recovery process.

We take pride in providing high-quality dental care for patients looking for functional teeth replacement or to prevent jawbone deterioration. Our experienced team of dentists will work closely with you to ensure your missing teeth are replaced and your smile is restored.

During your full mouth rehabilitation treatment, you can still eat normally while taking care to avoid certain hard, sticky, or overly hot or cold foods. Our friendly team will help you find the best dental solutions to address tooth loss, partial dentures, gaps between teeth, and other issues affecting your quality of life.

We aim to provide you with the best treatment plan so you can get back to eating normally as soon as possible.

Patients can work with our dentists to create their desired aesthetic outcomes. Our expert dentists can choose how patients want their teeth to look post-rehabilitation. Our dentists can create bespoke smiles to meet a variety of smile goals.

We can use artificial tooth roots, such as single-tooth dental implants or implant-supported dentures, for premium replacement teeth while we can also use natural-looking porcelain veneers to give a beautiful and functional smile makeover. Additionally, the friendly dentists at Gentle Dental Hawthorn provide aesthetic restorations to complete the look of the smile with perfectly matched replacement teeth.

At Gentle Dental Hawthorn, we will ensure your smile transformation is successful. We aim to achieve the perfect balance of aesthetics and functionality for your unique needs.

Although full mouth rehabilitation is generally safe, our dentists will discuss potential risks prior to beginning the treatment.

Full mouth rehabilitation is an invasive procedure that involves advanced techniques to treat chipped, decayed, discoloured, or misaligned teeth. It can also involve jaw and tooth replacement, bone grafting, and other procedures that may affect facial structures and the entire tooth.

Our experienced dentists can discuss the potential risks and help you make an informed decision about full mouth rehabilitation. We take all the necessary precautions to ensure your treatment is safe and successful, and we provide comprehensive aftercare instructions and support to promote successful healing and recovery.

A Dental Experience Rooted in Compassion

Gentle by name and gentle by nature. Gentle Dental Hawthorn champions a nurturing approach, ensuring your full mouth rehabilitation journey is comforting and empowering.