First Visit

When we meet you

We all deserve to have a happy, healthy smile, but sometimes we need a little help to remember the who, what, where, whys and how of oral health. Your first visit is possibly your most important one. We like to take the time to get to know you. This also helps us factor in any lifestyle habits we may need to consider when constructing a treatment plan to provide you with optimal and ongoing care.

How we work together

Thorough Examination

During your first visit we gain as much information as possible. Firstly, we will go through your medical and dental history. We then discuss your dental goals or concerns you may have. We assess the jaw joint, muscles, gums and bone height. We complete an oral cancer screening and we assess your teeth, including taking radiographs and photographs.

Treatment planning and discussion

A comprehensive treatment plan is compiled using all the information we have gathered and we will sit down and discuss with you all aspects of your dental wellbeing including health, function and aesthetics. We will spend time giving you all the options and agreeing on the plan with you to improve and maintain your oral health now and for the long term. We are dedicated to educating you on everything from mouth myths debunked, to the nuts and bolts of how to care for your smile, prevent disease and maintain overall good health.

Hygiene Department

Dental hygiene is such an integral part of a healthy mouth. Your preventative hygiene appointment includes a thorough cleaning of the teeth both above and below the gums. We remove tartar which is impossible to remove with a toothbrush, cleaning between the teeth and polishing them. This will leave your teeth sparkling clean. We then complete a fluoride treatment to prevent sensitivity and also to help prevent decay. We will then discuss a personalised plan so you can keep your mouth healthy at home.

Emergency or Relief of Pain Appointment

We know it is impossible for you to be at your best and can be very stressful if you are experiencing dental pain or have a broken tooth. Please call us immediately and we will do everything we can to see you and relieve your pain as soon as possible.

For more information about dental emergencies please see our blog.