Gentle Dental Hawthorn loves being a part of the community


It is our goal to be the most sustainable dental practice in Australia.

We are implementing biodegradable plastics and recycle where possible.

We are also implementing an initiative where Gentle Dental will contribute to planting trees when patients come in for their preventative hygiene appointments.

So book an appointment today and help us make a difference to the planet.

Rebuilding Smiles Program

Gentle Dental is involved with Rebuilding Smiles where we provide domestic violence dental help and free oral health care to those who have experienced domestic violence.

Many studies have even shown a link between longevity and smiling. Our Hawthorn Dentists at Gentle Dental believe everyone deserves to have a healthy smile and it is our goal to help as many people as possible.

Empowering an
Educated Community

We look forward to helping kindergartens and schools educate children on how to maintain optimal oral health so they may have a lifetime of happier, healthier smiles.

If your school would like to participate give us a call on (03)9818 2994